Slots are the most fashionable casino games and the popularity of these games never went down and as a fact it will never be down in the near future. This is a game where you will get real fun and thrilling excitement. There are a lot of types of slots and you will never know the exact number unless you search well about the game types. Though the types are really unknown but you can know about the most played free slots games versions by checking the reviews and feedbacks about the games. The roulette game and its version of roulette online are also popular in the casinos and among players. Of course, there are many other games known under the name of games of luck and another one is. Some of the most popular types of the slots are given below:

Classic and the Line Slots

This is the most popular slot machine where 3 symbols are on with one wheel and for this it is known as the single line slots. You have to line up the 3 symbols to win the game. There is another popular version of these slots known as multi-line slots because of the 3 reels with 3 lines.

Video Slots

This is another kind of popular slot games and it has 5 reels. This is the most time wasting slots but you will have real fun with this slot.

Multiplier Slots

If you don't want to max bet then multiplier slots is the best option to play slots games for you.

Bonus Feature Slots

This is a game where you can play games within the game. For this feature this game is known as the bonus feature slots.

Bonus Multiplier Online Slots

This game is specially made for online casinos because the feature which is used to make this game can't be made for real land based casino, so you have to play the software base game to get the fun of the game.

Progressive Online Slots

Progressive Online Slots are the games which people think that the slots as we think. These games have huge payouts and large bonuses and for this cause these games are so popular.

As we know slots have the largest versions and each version is popular for a fixed type of people but the games above are acceptable by most of the people who love to play slots games. This is the game where luck is everything and you will find many tips and strategies to play these games but there are no effective strategies which you can use to increase the odds to win the games. So don't be hesitated, just play the game and have fun.

You will find a wide selections of free online slots you can play on your iPhone or Android phone. If you have a smart phone, you can play directly on the site through your Internet browser without downloading any apps to your phone.